oil drill in Texas sunset

How to Get Into the Oil Business: 9 Tips for Raising Capital

Did you know that the most productive oil field in the world is right here in the USA? The Permian basin has reached a peak of 4.2 million barrels per day. Experts say it will continue to be productive for years to come. This shows that homegrown oil and gas is a very viable business

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oil drill in the sunset

Best Way To Secure Capital For Your Oil Company

If you are looking for capital for oil companies, you need to do your research understanding that the average oil consumption in the United States is 20 million barrels per day. This drastically compares with oil production, with the United States producing approximately 6.5 million barrels per day daily. Further, oil consumption in 2018 in

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oil and gas funding

Oil and Gas Funding Challenges to Overcome

Over the next decade, significant shifts in the energy system will occur. Among these is the projected dominance of the United States in the global oil and gas industries. Of course, to do this, companies need reliable oil and gas funding. Historically, companies in this industry have sought 40 percent of the capital required for operations from the equity

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colorado regulations

Colorado Regulations on Oil and Gas Are Ruling with an Iron Fist. What Now?

The oil and gas industry has had a huge positive impact on Colorado over the years. In terms of state and local taxes, oil and gas industry employees contribute a whopping $1 billion to the economy. In 2017, the industry employed 30,000 people. It also created another 51,000 additional jobs. All told, the industry added $13.5 billion to Colorado’s domestic product.

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oil production by country

Oil Production by Country: The World’s Most Valuable Players

In our day and age, those who control the world’s supply of oil pretty much control the world. Everything in our society depends on oil and gas, including cars, planes, heating, electricity, boats, and thousands of products. Offshore oil and gas is a global industry. But who are the world’s leaders in terms of oil

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