We Provide Capital to the Independent Producer

EnRes Capital is a technically experienced robust team, highly focused on quality assets that produce life-long cashflow. Our team actively reduces commodity price risk with prudent hedge program.

How It Works

At EnRes Capital we operate quickly so that you can have cash flow to continue running your business. We know that your time is important, that’s why we’ve broken down our process into 3 simple steps.



We need to know the state and county your current production is in.



You’ll tell us what your net barrels of oil and/or net mcf of gas produced daily.



Tell us how much money you are looking for and how much equity you have in the project.

Established Process

EnRes Capital will identify and secure projects with significant growth potential to create superior value by leveraging their technical, managerial and commercial expertise. These projects will provide strong cash flow and strong long-term value creation. Over the last twenty years, the team has completed a number of Strategic O&G Projects to validate the investment thesis. 

Investment Thesis

EnRes Capital, LLC seeks to acquire income-producing assets at an advantageous rate of return with the opportunity to capture additional asset appreciation. 

  • Leverage Network
  • Impressive Cashflow
  • Targeted Returns
  • Right-Sized Debt
  • Active Hedge Program

Guiding Principles

EnRes Capital is committed to investing in Strategic O&G Projects that offer attractive returns for its investors including a projected 10-15% cash return (with an 8.5% guaranteed annual return and a projected 20%+ IRR). We are committed to being a trusted partner for our stakeholders for long term value.

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