What to Consider When Making an Oil and Gas Investment

If you are looking to become an investor, you should try investing in the oil and gas industry. If done right, an oil and gas investment can be very lucrative. If not done right, making an oil and gas investment can cause you to lose large amounts of money fast. To help you learn how

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oil and gas tax breaks

Oil and Gas Tax Breaks: Why Investing in Oil Is the Right Move

Becoming tax savvy isn’t a goal for most people. Still, tax breaks are one of the most important ways to keep the wealth you earn. The United States is quickly becoming a leading supplier of the world’s oil and gas. More than 20 million barrels of oil per day came from the U.S. in 2018.

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top oil companies

Titans of the Oil Industry: The 10 Top Oil Companies of 2019

Maybe the greatest oil Titan in history, John Paul Getty, once stated his formula for success was to get up early, work hard and then strike oil. There’s no getting around it, that truth in the oil and gas industry still resonates today. The top oil companies of 2019 are true titans of the industry.

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oil and gas company refinery

Your Guide to Oil and Gas Companies and How They Work

Investing isn’t just a cliche but a way of life. Now you can make sure you do it wisely. In today’s unpredictable world, multiple streams of income are the way to go, and with the global demand for crude oil and biofuels, this seems like a wise investment. The stats speak for themselves; in 2018

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