FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming all information we need is provided on day 1 we believe we can get the process completed in around 30 days.

Yes, but the amount of funds provided is based on the pdp o pdnp, not on probable or possible. If the project has no pdp or pdnp, then it is not a fit into for this type of financial structure.

Yes, but the amount provided is based on the pdp or pdnp, not on probable or possible.

That will depend on the pdp and pdnp but it is expected that the acquiring company will have “some skin in the game”

Our decision is based on the property providing the pdp or pdnp that you want to monetize.

Yes, if the owner of the property controls who the operator is or the operator is willing to be subject to the terms of the agreement.

The operator has stated what he is going to use the funds provided for. Once he has completed those projects as agreed he can use the money for any other business purpose that he deems necessary.

Answer: No, unlike bank debt the money provided by EnRes to an oil company is a purchase and, as a consequence, there will never be a cash call if the market drops dramatically in price.

The only price risk you will have is on that portion of your production that EnRes has not purchased.

Answer: EnRes is backed by an internation oil/gas and real estate conglomerate with a $4 + billion market cap. In addition to the money provided, the EnRes team helps get the deal done. The EnRes team are all actively engaged in the oil and gas business with many years of experience as operators, financial advisors, marketing agents, engineers and geologists. The EnRes team has bought and sold properties, drilled and completed wells, bought out partners, bought properties at auction, and participated in waterfloods